“Ayahuasca”, the Holy Medicine, and spiritual ‘Enlightenment’

Enlightenment is said to be ‘self-realisation’ – when the individual undergoes a spiritual experience and perceives an experiential reality where they realise they are far more than the physical body – i.e. they are the ‘whole of the Universe’, connected with all things in existence.

In almost all of the spiritual traditions, from Vedantic lineage, Yogic lineage, Buddhist traditions to modern new-age philosophies, all adhere and subscribe to a similar view, and for good reasons too -as almost all the founders and promoters of such spiritual systems have reported such experiences.

The Holy Medicine provides the ‘most unique and easy access’ to access such experiences and perceive such ‘experiential dimensions’- which normally may take years or decades or a lifetime for an individual to ever get a glimpse of – and thus, changes and individual’s worldview completely.

The most important and significant impact the Holy Medicine provides to the incumbent is to allow them to ‘physically’ experience such ‘experiential reality’ – and without undergoing any difficult or perilous undertakings of spiritual traditions, which converts even atheists to ‘spiritual’ believers.

Therefore, for any individual, whether they are hardcore atheists and agnostics about spiritual dimensions and reality, or whether they only rely upon their five senses and on the scientific process, the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca shows the truth about reality.