“Ayahuasca”, the Holy Medicine of the Divine Mother, ‘Teaches’ to live

In ancient times, the ancestors of humanity were much more deeply connected with Mother Nature, learning from Her continuously – which is the basis and beginning of shamanism.

In modern times, humanity has almost disconnected from Mother Nature, and days of shamanism have come to a great decline; The more humans have separated from Mother Nature, more pain has been inflicted and suffering in various forms, including diseases of mind and body, has manifested.

Disconnectedness from Mother Nature is also disconnecting humans from the realisation of their actual identity as a spiritual being, creating a crisis of unsocial and anti-social behaviour. Only in recent decades shamanism and ancient traditions are gaining mainstream attention as a solution to modern problems.

The Holy Medicine returns relationship with Mother Nature

The Holy Medicine of the Divine Mother Ayahuasca, is considered as the Mother of all medicine that not only purge the physical diseases out of the body but also ‘Heals’ at the mind, body and spirit level. The Plants’ combination of the Holy Medicine can bring an individual’s repressed or ignored traumas to the surface, so a lot of nausea the individual goes through has to do with the repressed emotions they revisit. 

The Holy Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine, or the Peganum Harmala (also called “Syrian Rue”), are added as the main ingredients of Holy Medicine in present times, which are strong Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI), having antidepressants effects on the individual consuming the Holy Medicine. The Holy Medicine also generally contains N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring the strongest psychedelic compound that strongly activates networks of serotonin, a common strategy for treating major depression. Remarkably, DMT from the added Plants such as Chacruna Plant (Psychotria Viridis) would have no effect on the human body if ingested along without the MAOI. Scientists can only guess at how hunter-gatherers discovered this.

Shamanism with the Holy Medicine of the Divine Mother Ayahuasca is a systematic way of exploring the spirit world with the guidance of the Divine Mother Ayahuasca. By consuming the Holy Medicine, the individual receives ‘Healing’ and ‘Guidance’ from the Divine Mother Ayahuasca. The Divine Mother Ayahuasca, enables the individual to accept and acknowledge life experiences and ‘Show’ what is needed in their lives, and ‘Help’ them to grow and evolve spiritually.



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