Holy Wisdom extracted from a personal experiences with the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

  • The Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca calls specifically and selectively, with aim to impart the desired message only. Therefore, whatever wisdom you have or have not received, know, that that is meant from you to extract whatever wisdom you can from the ‘Holy Experience’. Some feel they did not have anything ‘special’, the lesson is that they must undertake deeper journeys. Some may experience ‘confusion’, then they must stabilise themselves. Some will see ‘Vision’ of past, present and future. They will have tasks to accomplish in their lifetime.
  • Often, those who eagerly wait and plan – are in for a long-journey of ‘seeking’. Just as it is to pursue ‘spiritual journey’ or any specific path of ‘enlightenment’ – one must continue to seek. Similarly, if one seeks to ‘find’ something from the Holy Medicine, they will be taken for a long, long ride, usually. The ideal ways are when there will be a balance – i.e. one seeks, as well as finds; Or, there will be calling when one is ‘almost’ not prepared – i.e. they will ‘come across’ the Holy Medicine – usually they will be given knowledge and information for their ‘Holy’ tasks.
  • Therefore, do Not ‘seek’ any ‘Holy Experience’. The Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, ‘provides’ when the time is ‘Right’!
  • One may access ancient past, as well as the long-distant future, with absolute vividness and achieve completion-of-knowledge.


  1. Ishr Chitta Experience