Initiations as a Shaman

In the Amazons initiation as a Shaman can happen in a few ways, some of them more mystifying and mysterious and special.

  1. A shaman can be initiated by an elder Shaman.
  2. A Shaman can be initiated in a Dream, inspired by which he/she can begin journey as a Shaman. Generally, and surprisingly, the dreams have certain common themes such as a journey to Spiritual Hospital, Initiation by a Powerful Women, gift of healing or shamanic tools, flowers and shamanic tools, flowers and a shining crown, prediction of great strength or healing ability.
  3. A Shaman can be initiated during a Sacred Ceremony after consuming the Holy Medicine, through visions and special knowledge from the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.

There are quite a few reasons for wanting to become a Shaman, including a wish to heal one’s family, obtain prestige and influence, gain economic advantages.


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