‘Light’ experienced from the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca


Light is a central theme of the 'Visions' from the Holy Medicine“O soma-drinker, drink of the soma-wine, the intoxication of thy rapture gives indeed the Light.”

-Rig Veda

The Holy Medicine provides participants in Sacred Ceremonies life-augmenting and transformational experience besides providing Healing. The Holy Medicine has transformed many lives by helping individuals rid their addiction habit, recover from past trauma, find direction in life, find new motivation, fulfilment and enlightenment.

A central theme of the ‘Visions’ after consuming the Holy Medicine is being able to see ‘Lights’, and quite frequently during the most powerful moments, being able to see ‘Lights’.

The following manifestations of ‘Light’ is mostly noted and recorded:-

  1. Luminosity Effects Occurring with the Eyes Open: Often, people feel that things radiate energy and shine.
  2. Luminosity Effects Occurring with the Eyes Closed: Objects shine, radiate, and glitter. The colours can be incredibly luminous. Many attest that they had never witnessed such colours in real-life consciously. Objects can be made of gold, precious stones, and crystal which shine and glitter.
  3. Afterimages: Soon after closing the eyes, the image which was there still remains visible very clearly.
  4. Illumination: A common effect, when the visual field gets focally illuminated.
  5. Coloured Visual Space: When the visual field consists of only colour, which include green, bright yellow, purplish-blue, and intense white.
  6. Darkness: Sometimes, absolute black, is also experienced.

The following ‘Content’ of ‘Light’ is also recorded to be experienced:

  1. Light Elements Embedded within Figurative Visions: ‘Light’ with content element embedded within meaningful figurative Vision. The source of ‘Light’ may be heavenly bodies, as the sun, moon, or starts, which may consist of artefacts such as candles, torches, chandeliers or characterized as supernatural, appearing as fire or lighting.
  2. Halos and Auras: A certain pattern of ‘Light’ which is seen around the head, auras, and rays of light that radiate from the body, and cones or clouds of light and hover above a person. Trails and coloured emanations of light and matrices of light covering a persons entire body. Could be seen with both eyes open with actual people in front or with closed eyes and around people or ‘entities’. ‘Light’ may also be felt emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. As seeing halos or auras, one can feel enveloped by ‘Light’ along with a general feeling of profound bliss.
  3. Beings of Light: ‘Beings’ of light are transparent, translucent ethereal beings, made of light, usually with human features, sometimes with wings.
  4. The Spider Web: Very special light pattern mostly observed with open eyes only towards early or end of  Sacred Ceremonies after taking the Holy Medicine.
  5. The Temple of Light: Often ‘Vision’ may consist of all things made of ‘Light’, including ‘Entities’, ‘Beings’, space, structures, everything made of only ‘Light’.

The following interactive patterns are noted:

  1. Interacting with Light: Seeing ‘Light’ the individual may engage them
  2. Light Transformation: Participant in the Sacred Ceremony may themselves turn into light, may dissolved way by it. One may also become light and bring it within themselves.

The following Abstract Scenes and Visions of ‘Light’

  1. Abstract Scenes: Abstract patterns along with ‘Light’ may constitute major content of ‘Visions’ which may be geometric, rotating, fast-moving, combining all sorts of shapes and forms, often almost trying to take a specific unique shape and form, only to align and result in a unified abstractness.
  2. Supreme-Light: The cause and ‘source’ of all ‘creation’, often experiencing Supreme-Light happens in one of the highest levels of spiritual awakening and ‘Visions’. Some ‘Visions’ may depict creation of all ‘existence’. Light considered as Supreme-Light, the reporter often associates with special ‘meaning’. ‘Visions’ involving the Supreme-Light is considered as encounters with the ‘Divine’. Indeed, and quite obviously, such ‘Visions’ remain very private with individuals and often beyond words.


Light is everywhere in life. From the Sun, Moon to various other sources of light. However, to be able to see ‘Light’ when eyes are closed, is indeed significant and of a special experience for human beings. In English, as well as other languages, ‘Light’ has a been considered with special status – with many significant words borrowing from meaning of ‘Light’ – for example ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’.

The Holy Medicine enables participants in Sacred Ceremonies to have experiences which can only be regarded as a grand composition of light and its various forms and levels of manifestations. Often participants in Sacred Ceremonies feel they have been washed by ‘Light’, and their minds get clear, mentations, ‘Enlightened’, often feeling they have become Divinely Illuminated.


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