Missed History of the Americas – the Ancient ‘New World’

Most in the West have been taught to think and know that the North and the South Americas used to be devoid of human population, until only about 13,0000 years ago. The Americas have been thought to be one of the last land masses to be conquered by the ancestors. However, with new discoveries, this long-held picture is being challenged.

New discoveries are proving that the Americas in-fact used to be peopled even before 130,000 years ago , which are seemingly many tens of thousands of years before human settlements were known to be established elsewhere. The new findings are a result of many scientific breakthroughs, and researching and findings from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon Rainforest.

The new findings have revealed that Ancient ‘New World’ Cultures have held legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs. It seems apparent that historians may have focused on Old World, i.e. which consisted of only the Africa, Europe, and Asia – and in the process may have neglected to look into the Ancient ‘New World’, i.e. the Americas in Western Hemisphere.  


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