Modern Usage of the Drink of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

Recent Popularity

The popularity of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca and Her medicines have been gaining growing popularity in recent times. Many have heard about the tremendous life-altering benefits, from helping to get rid of addiction to healing mental and physical illness, Mother has helped countless.

Recent Popularity

Richard Evans Schultes is revered as the first modern ethnobotanist who had travelled to the Amazons in the mid 19th Century and written about the Divine and Holy Plants used in Spiritual Shamanistic Ceremonies by the indigenous people from South America, especially in his 1979 book The Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Properties.

Schultes had inspired many to travel to the South America to seek out the Divine and Holy Mother Ayahuasca. These included writers like William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg who were considered as leading figures in the Beat Generation, the post-war literary movement who sought spiritual quests to improve human condition rejecting standard conformity into life at that time. They journeys into Amazon in the to discover and brough message of the Divine and Holy Plant Medicines to West. There are written records of exchanges between Burroughs and Ginsberg from the 50s, referred to as the Yage Letters, about their travels into the South America.

Recent Usages

Nowadays, the Divine and Holy Medicines of Divine and Holy Mother Ayahuasca has been growingly being used for medicinal, healing and spiritual purposes. The tourism in Amazons have increased significantly with tourists looking for an ‘Ayahuasca Experience’. The participants backgrounds are immensely diverse, from professors to beat down people in life. Besides, there are now several religions – which are often a combination of Afro-Brazilian, Amazonian native, and European beliefs – who have been using it has a sacrament for over a century. The Church of Santo Daime is among the popular religions who use the Sacred Divine and Holy Drink from Mother Ayahuasca as sacrament.

Modern Shamans

Many new Shamans have come about like Dr. Octavio, Peru Shamans and more who are preserving the ancient knowledge and continuing the lineage of authentic Shamans of the past. They are travelling worldwide arranging retreats in cities where the legal status remain in the Gray area.

Modern Retreats

Modern retreats include permanent retreats like Rythmia, SpiritVine Retreat, besides ad-hoc retreats which are organised by modern Shamans in different cities discreetly, which include various other Divine and Holy Plant medicines besides the Divine and Holy Mother Ayahuasca, which include but may not be limited to Iboga, Rape, Kambo, Psylocibin, Bufo.