Psychedelic Startups investors are flocking to in 2021


Psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms, containing Psylocibin, have already achieved the ‘Breakthrough’ status from FDA back in 2018 by Compass Pathways, a Peter Theil backed company. Similarly, many Psychedelics based startups have sprung up over recent years. While some popular ones like MindMed and Atai.Life are well known, there are some lesser known Psychedelic Startups ones, which investors are flocking to.

  1. Beckley Psytech: Based in the UK, they develop Psychedelic based medicines, and has raised USD 33M in four rounds already.


  1. Eleusis: London based bio-tech company working with Psychedelic based therapies, having raised USD 5.7M over four rounds.


  1. Journey Colab: Journey Colab develops Psychedelic therapies to treat Mental Health disorders and aims to operate abiding regulations from the government for novel therapies. They have raised USD 3M from Apollo Projects.


  1. Delic: Delic is more education driven, aiming to educate the public about Psychedelics and helping bring Psychedelics to mainstream. They have raised USD 2M in two rounds.


  1. Psygen Labs: Psygen is based in Canada and makes and sells pharmaceutical-grade Psychedelics based drugs, mainly for clinical therapies and research. They are popular as one of the leading suppliers of Psychedelic based drugs for emerging companies in the sector.


  1. Cyclica: Cyclica uses ML and AI and provides drug development firms with data for developing novel therapies with special focus on Psychedelics.


  1. Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals: Gilgamesh focuses on developing drugs for treatment of mental health such as depression, anxiety, and cognitive deficits. They have raised USD 30M over four rounds.


  1. Diamond Therapeutics: Diamond is based in Canada, and focuses on Psychedelics, having raised investments from Ontario Brain Institute.


  1. Bexson Biomedical: California based Bexon works for development therapies for pain management, addiction, and mental health disorders with a focus on developing ketamine based drug for relieving acute pain disorders. They have raised close to USD 5M.


  1. Synthesis: Synthesis is based in Netherland and focuses on Psychedelic research, wellness, and education. They have raised for more than USD 2.7M. They operate a retreat center as well.



The companies engaged with Psychedelic based drug research and development has been developed a new industry altogether whose combined valuations are well over billions of dollars. These companies are working with various Psychedelics and Plant Medicines besides the few which are focusing on compounds contained with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, attempting to mimic chemically and make access to the Holy Medicine possible for the common people.