Shaman Profile – Sanango of Sanchi Runa Retreat

Sanango was born in the Peruvian Andes, and over the past twenty five years he has conducted thousands of Sacred Ceremonies with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.

He is a healer, shaman and spiritual teacher who seeks to feel and serve God in a state of infinite love and gratitude. He, through his life and work, expresses deep insight about life and brings healing by performing energetic healings through Amazonian Shamanism with the help of the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.

He also organised Sacred Ceremonies with Wachuma (San Pedro), and other Holy Plants.

His is known to have a direct compassionate approach and challenges the individual to step outside of their comfort zones, narrow-minded thoughts as well as fear based decision-making.

He continues to work for his dream and vision that ‘humanity may remember and reconnect to the universal love that is the essence of our being’.

Sanango also integrates eastern consciousness techniques, especially concepts from Vedantic and Indian Philosophies and principals, aiming to bring the individual to a direct encounter with inner Universe, the love of God and the reconnection with the Earth – He is dedicated to facilitating humanity in the awakening of consciousness as well as, and including, healing depression, anxiety and addiction.

He is the chief healer at the Sanchi Runa Retreat.


“I’ve met a handful of shamans in my short time on this earth. However, none have come close to having the amiable essence in which Sanango exuberated. There are a few rare people with whom you can look in the eye and immediately you know, that they know. They have come into contact with and are holding inside of themselves great truths. These truths are profound beyond words and so only their eyes can really tell you. Their eyes tell you that they know. When I looked into Sanango’s eyes, I knew he knew.”
-Artemis Emily Dole