‘Spirits in the Rainforest – A Photographic Innovation’ – An Exhibition of Dimas Efthyvoulos’ works

An innovative exhibition presenting the Amazon Rainforest in a beautiful light is ongoing from 3rd July to 8th August, at the Island Club in Limassol. The exhibition comprises of the reputed photographer Dimas Efthyvoulos from Cyprus which also includes presenting some of his famous audio visual presentations.

Born in 1924, Efthyvoulos, after 1974 worked as war photographer before travelling to Peru in the Amazons, where he stayed for almost 10 years, during which he had participated in many Sacred Ceremonies and consume the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca. He had also taken apprenticeship under shamans. The ‘Holy Experiences’ with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca led him to “a transcendental photographic innovation” – a technique he called “sidesight” which, using mirroring and a 90-degree shift in perspective, aimed to photographically captured the ‘spirits of the Rainforest’, to illuminate the “magical beauty and mystical essence” of the natural world.

He was a friend of the Amazon Rainforest, and a promoter of the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca. He was a passionate advocate for protection of natural environment and spoke extensively about the environmental and cultural impact of colonialism on indigenous lands and populations.

His magnum opus was an audio-visual presentation titled Spirits of the Jungle or Other Aspects of Reality, during which he projected slides of his spirit photographs, reproduced field recordings from the Amazon, and gave a lecture on climate change, colonialism, and his photographic innovation and experiences with shamanism.

The presentation had toured South America and as well as North America and Europe.

Dimas Efthyvoulos passed away from his physical body on December, 2011.

Dimitri Efthyvoulos

The exhibition by the Island Club from 3rd July to 8th August

The Island Club has preserved Efthyvoulos’ works digitally which is presented in the Spirits of the Rainforest: A Photographic Innovation. The exhibition will activate both spaces of The Island Club: Efthyvoulos’ archives will be available to view and study at the new space of The Island Club at #18 Agora Anexartisias A digital reconstruction of Efthyvoulos’ historic presentation Spirits of the Jungle or Other Aspects of Reality will also be presented on loop at the Christodoulos Panayiotou Studio at #34 Agora Anexartisias.

Images from the Exhibition have been shared from the facebook page of the Island Club.


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