Testimonials of Individuals who have taken the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

Unlike people who would usually take LSD, Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles and looking for a nice trip, the individuals coming to the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca come for Healing, seeking to reconcile with their thoughts and emotions, as well as any past or present traumatic events. After their healing most feel at ease with their thoughts and are more accepting of their present situation.

Here are few testimonials collected from various places of individuals sharing their experiences after taking the Holy Brew.

“I wanna thank Gino and his people for helping me let go of dark stuff, and for being just so supportive, loving, respectful and caring. You helped me when no one else could, you saw me when no one else did, and you help me rise from the ashes with The Mother. I’m forever humble and grateful. I’m so blessed to know you and the Mother and your crew. Blessings.”



“My dear Plant Medicine brothers and sisters… in February, I completed a dieta in Peru with Don Gino Chaka-Runa, and what a blessing it was…If you feel the call from The Mother, I highly recommend him to you all… he does his work with total respect, humbleness and is a complete solid strong rock whilst taking you deep into the realms of the medicine. With all of the charlatans around now, we must be so careful who we drink with… Gino, thank you for your work, a true warrior in service of The Mother!”



“By far the most profound experience of my life in working with Plant Medicines with Don Gino, one of the most authentic, genuine humans I’ve met… Very, Very Happy with the Work done at Gino’s retreats.”



“Very good life lessons. I know there is more healing to be done and I am looking forward to come back for more healing and inner work. I have so much respect and humbleness for the work Don Gino and his team are doing. I felt 100% save and taken very good care of. The love and light this sacred plants and Gino with his team are bringing into the world is amazing. I bow my head in love, humbleness and gratitude.”



“Thank you dear Gino, for your magical cooperation with all the Spirits, for your infinite love. Thank you for your beautiful Icaros: every time my soul starts to dance to your profound music. Thank you dear Gino for asking the Mother to release me from deep sadness.”



“I have attended a Plant Medicine Dieta with Don Gino in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle in February 2020. Gino is grounded, wise, humble and has calm, confident leadership holding the healing space for a large and diverse group of people. I have learnt so much and have huge respect and gratitude for Gino. If anyone wants to do deep inner healing work I recommend a workshop with Gino without hesitation.”



  1. Don Gino Chaka Runa: https://www.chaka-runa.com/shaman