‘Timelessness’ and ‘Eternity’ experienced with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

Scientists and psychologists believe that through empirical phenomenological inspection it is revealed that human cognitive behaviour is grounded in time. However, the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca helps to experience ‘timelessness’ and ‘eternity’, opening up the possibility of the human consciousness to dwell both in time and outside.

Experiencing timelessness

The Holy Medicine provides experiences which defy the dominion of time by providing the experience of ‘timelessness’, where time may be perceived as moving either faster or slower than the clock would indicate. In strong cases, it may seem that time has altogether stopped, or the feeling is that time is not relevant any longer.

Experiencing timelessness as a human within the finiteness of time changes and augments the perception and thought process, as it so happens with the participants who experience ‘timelessness’ in Sacred Ceremonies which helps them to ’understand’ life from a dissociated perspective, beyond any limitations of time.

Experiencing eternity

Participants in Sacred Ceremonies report regularly about experiencing a sense of ‘Eternity’, where past-present and future are unified – taking the ‘human experience’ to a new state where past and present appear as ‘one woven string’. The participants in the Sacred Ceremony can easily experience their ‘past’ and ‘present’ without emotion or attachment, and can conceive of a ‘future’ in new light.

As memory of the past is retained in the brain from which it learns, along with emotional feeling about the memory, the Holy Medicine allows observing the past in ‘new light’ that enable participants of Sacred Ceremonies to free themselves of the emotional feelings of their memories, and observe their past objectively, without attachments.

The experience of ‘Eternity’ arises as one enters a frame of being which seem to be outside the realms of time – where notions of time no longer apply. From the perspective of ‘Eternal’, everything which happened in the past, present and which shall happen into the future are all pre-existing – and when one enters the realm of the ‘Eternal’, all that will have happened at all times is co-present.

It can be compared with a book – where everything has been presented at the same time – however it is only upon the reader who has yet to read the book that it may appear ‘incomplete’ or ‘unread’.

As one can open a book and read it in any order they wish, from the middle, or the end, or from the very beginning- in the experience of ‘Eternity’ one may feel ‘Omniscience’ – a feeling when one feels one becomes ‘All-Knowing’ – which is very commonly experienced with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca – which have been reported by religious and spiritual Ones.

Challenging Prevailing Science

Participants in a Sacred Ceremony –under strong influence of the Holy Medicine – may feel that their existence is ‘beyond-time’ altogether. This experience defies the views prevailing in the cognitive-psychological study. Being able to ‘experience’ such states of ‘timelessness’ and ‘eternity’ challenges the general statement that ‘human psychology is grounded in time’.

The Holy Medicine introduces a participant or a shaman in a Sacred Ceremony with a cognitive mode which does not seem to be dependent on time – which creates a possibility that human beings may be able to operate and exist in two different states – one in time, which is ordinary, another beyond time, which is non-ordinary.


The experience of ‘timelessness’ and ‘Eternity’ has reportedly made individuals pursue materialistic aims and consider others and situations with greater tolerance, forgiveness, and benevolent sense of humour. To experience ‘timelessness’ and ‘Eternity’ are extremely important to help humanity reach the next stage of evolution, with help of the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, by being able to experience such distinct ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness – a great feat of human psyche.

Research and study on shifts between these two states of consciousness is of utmost importance, towards the development of a ‘general theory of consciousness’ which humans have yet to concretize.



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