‘Transcendence’ of consciousness experienced during a Sacred Ceremony


The Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca is known to provide immense and life augmenting experiences, including experiencing ‘timelessness’, ‘eternity’ as well as the experience of feeling of ‘transcendence’ – a feeling of expansions of the consciousness beyond the physical body, encompassing the whole of Universe.

As one let’s go of one’s body, and reliance on one’s own powers and resources remains to be of no avail, one has to place one’s trust into something which is beyond their physical bodies. This is achieved through ‘letting go’ and ‘accepting’ that which encompasses one during the Sacred experience in a Sacred Ceremony.

Although one may not achieve such an experience – however in ‘intense’ moments, one may experience the feeling of ‘transcendence’, when one may feel “Muses descend upon one”.


Transcending the human experience is one of the gifts achievable through the Holy Medicine during a Sacred Ceremony. The Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca provides the gift to humanity through the Holy Medicine to experience the state of transcending one’s physical boundaries. Rarely, can one achieve this during one’s lifetime. And when one does, one is ‘known’ to become more ‘spiritual’.


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