Transforming Spiritually and in Life – Preparing for the best Holy Experience

Your life has a purpose and a reason, otherwise you would not be here!

However, this purpose would not have to match any purpose from any Holy Book. It could be dynamic, and may reveal to you over time, and YOUR life’s purpose could be only understandable by you. Therefore, your communication with yourself can reveal that ‘purpose’ and the ‘identity’ which is REAL, and not set by life outside.

As an individual goes deeper into trying to ‘understand’ themselves, one peels off the layers of their ‘identity’ and the TRUE identity reveals, which shows that they are not just the body, but much more. Besides, the individual can also realize they have a bigger purpose of the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ beyond the impulses of the body and the expectations of the family/society.

Towards this attainment, of the individual to ‘realise’ their ‘SELF’ and ‘recognise’ their ‘PURPOSE’ in life, one begins by undertaking an experiential journey. All throughout history, such guidance have come from Spiritual Leaders, Gurus, Saints, Wise teachers and similar individuals who always point to a ‘realisation’ beyond the physical world and the body.

As the individual practices or undertakes a process or simply ‘seeks’ to understand their ‘SELF’ and ‘PURPOSE’ in life in silence, as the journey is experiential, one’s sense of SELF deepens, and the realisation of one’s life’s purpose attains, in the pursuit of this journey. This experiential process is also a similarity with the journey when one participates in a Sacred Ceremony and takes the Holy Medicine which may allow them to meet the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca. As the participant experiences everything experientially, beyond the senses, the more prepared they are through a ‘meditative’ practice in their life before participating in a Sacred Ceremony, the more they can understand the ‘deeper’ realisations and meaning provided by attending the Sacred Ceremony from the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca. Therefore, it is recommended that the participant practice meditations or yogic practices before attending a Sacred Ceremony to gain the most benefits from the Healing and Self-Realisation which is attained from a Sacred Ceremony.