Spiritual and Mystical Experiences converting Atheists into Theists from the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

Contexts under which the Holy Medicine is ‘Consumed’ are mainly spiritual

  • For many the main reason of a calling from the Holy Medicine is Spiritual
  • In all traditional and institutional context, the Holy Medicine is taken for religious and spiritual reasons
  • The Holy Medicine is referred to as the “Plant of the Gods” (Schultes and Hofmann, 1979).
  • The term “Entheogen” is replacing older terms like ‘hallucinogen’ and Psychedelic’.

‘Consuming’ the Holy Medicine leaves Transformational Impacts on Individuals

  • Many atheists have converted into spiritual or religious individuals after experiencing eye-opening dimension with the Holy Medicine (Like Benny Shanon, writer of the Antipodes of the Mind)
  • Many interviewees have reported that the main lessons from the Holy Medicine has been religious or spiritual.
  • Report “Ayahuasca showed me that God exists”
  • Report “I have come to appreciate the place of the sacred in human life”
  • Report “I have encountered the Divine”
  • Many after consuming the Holy Medicine, and with or by the blessing of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, have had highly transformational spiritual realisation, which turned their life around, going through a radical spiritual and/or religious transformation.
  • After Uniao de Vegetal Sacred Ceremonies, it is common for members to share stories of the great impact their lives had after ‘Consuming’ the Holy Medicine in the Sacred Ceremony. For many the experiences they had remain through the course of their lives.

Reporting of ‘Encountering the Divine’ by participants in Sacred Ceremonies

  • It is difficult these ‘Holy’ experiences in writing.
  • It is the realm of the ‘Ineffable’.
  • The people who claim they have had ‘experience with the Divine’ are extremely sincere and refer to a ‘genuine’ experience they have had.
  • The author of the book ‘The Antipodes of the Mind’ have had such experiences, besides the writer of this article, as well as countless other genuine individuals whose testimonials should be trusted.
  • The ‘experience with the Divine’ have been explained by those having had such experiences as follows:-
    • ‘a presence which is full’
    • ‘the ground of all that exists’
    • ’the source of all life’
    • ‘the fountain of all wisdom’
    • ‘the utmost perfection’
    • ‘sublime happiness’

7 types of Mystical Experiences experienced with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca

There are many patterns associated with Mystical Experiences encountered by participants in Sacred Ceremonies after ‘Consuming’ the Holy Medicine. The following are some main types reported:

  1. Unity:
    The participant in the Sacred Ceremony after ‘Consuming’ the Holy Medicine may feel that the boundaries of the self has dissipated and that he or she has attained ‘oneness’ with the ‘whole of all existence’. In another sense, the individual may feel there is ‘oneness’ behind all worldly and materialistic activities.
  2. Transcendence of ‘time and space’:
    The individual may feel time and space are ‘no longer relevant’.

    Read the following article: Timelessness and Eternity Experienced with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuascahttps://ayahuascah.com/timelessness-and-eternity-experienced-with-the-holy-medicine-of-the-holy-and-divine-mother-ayahuasca/

  3. Noesis:
    The individual regards that which has been experienced by them as ‘illumination’ or absolute true knowledge and as the ultimate ‘Truth’.

    One of the four pillars of the Church of the Santo Daime is ‘truth’

  4. Positive feelings of blessedness, joy, peace, happiness:
    Such feelings are commonly reported by participants in Sacred Ceremony.

    One of the three principals of UDV are ‘Peace’. One of the four pillars of the Santo Daime is ‘harmony’.

  5. A sense of sacredness:
    The participant in the Sacred Ceremony often feels the experience which has been felt by them is ‘Holy’, ‘Sacred’, and ‘Divine’ indeed.

  6. Paradoxicality:
    Often mystical experiences defy rationality and standard canons of logic. One medieval philosopher and mystic Nicholas de Cusa (1960: 131) mentioned ‘in order to reach the higher realms of the Divine, one has to leave behind rationality’.

  7. Ineffability:
    Many experiences with the Holy Medicine are difficult or often impossible to explain in words or by description.

The impacts of such ‘experiences’ have been noted to the transformative, in regards to religious conversions, changes of world-views and belief system, attaining new definitions of one’s personal and ethical values.


It can be said that all sorts of possible ‘mystical’ experiences which can be reported by individuals would be possible under the impact of the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.


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