What does the Future of DMT look like?

With the tremendous interest in DMT, especially with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, and with more researches coming out touting the benefits and possibilities of DMT, while at the same time it being categorised as a Class-I drug, the future looks quite interesting in following aspects:-

  • Legality: It is quite well accepted among exert circles in the field of Psychedelics that it is only a matter of time before DMT is considered as legal, especially because of the fact that the human body naturally produces it, as well as the fact that DMT is nothing like any hard drug out there. It is neither addictive, nor is it destructive to the human body.

    Therapeutics: DMT, especially with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca, has been touted for ‘Healing’ addiction, Depression, PTSD and much more, and the popularity has spread like wildfire in the west and rest of the world by the simple word of mouth based on testimony of participants of Sacred Ceremonies, musings, experiential conjecture. One Sacred Ceremony has been compared with years of therapy.

    Therefore, the future of therapy is very bright. There are many startups which are working to bring the Holy Medicine and other Plant Medicine to the masses. Presently the retreat centers, healing clinics and traditional shamans are offering their services either from the Amazons or from countries where DMT is Legal, like Brazil, Peru, Netherland and others. In the future, as legalization happens in the coming years, gradually but surely, as it happened with Medicinal Cannabis, the Holy Medicine will be accessible to much larger communities worldwide.

  • Spirituality: In understanding of Spiritual Dimensions and Death, the evergreen question ‘is there life after death? What happens after you die?’ so on and so forth… these questions are looked at in new light by anyone who has experienced one session of with the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.

    Researchers have proposed that before birth and during death the body produces DMT, and undergoes spiritual encounters. With newer experiences from participants who have consumed DMT, especially from Sacred Ceremonies, have reported similar experiences, which is being researched under more and more controlled situations.

    The findings of these research are sure to invite many sceptics to try DMT for the first time, and thereafter, voila, as it always happens, the individual’s perceptions about life and his/her worldview gets changed permanently, as they ‘Experience’ the Spiritual Dimension beyond ordinary Reality, and see everything in new light and consideration.

  • Research Work: Although there is pressure from political sides, the mysterious potency of DMT has continued to create tremendous public interest and generate public dialogue.

    As more and more research work are undertaken, looking more seriously into clinical trials, more realities of humans and possibly other dimensions shall be revealed.


The future, therefore, looks very interesting indeed, with the world to be able to receive ‘Healing’ from the Holy Medicine of the Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca.